Monday, September 27, 2010


I'm working on all kinds of projects to post here and tutorials too, but right now they are only in my head. I'm scheming and scamming on how to get one new piece of equipment to start my next work. Until then please enjoy this wonderful artist, Sarah Bayne. I love her vibrant use of color and the amazing textures she brings out on her canvas. Please check out her other work on her website. This is only one of many lovely paintings which she graciously agreed to let me share with you here:

the postcard from the volcano
by Sarah Bayne
© Copyright 2004-2008 Sarah Canadine Bayne

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Magpie tells me, quite offended, "Mama, some people don't believe in fairies." Then more hushed and with solemnity, "But I do, and we are the only whole fairy loving family."

In Progress

Here is one of many many things in progress over here. I've stalled for a bit and am hoping that free time and inspiration will meet.

Little Inspirations

A little spontaneous moment of inspiration over the frying pan this morning. Simple as can be, but very happy making.

And a cup of homemade chai for mama.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Being Alone

I went out tonight alone, without my children. It is still a strange feeling walking out the door without them. I no longer feel like I've left the house without my purse (I've done this enough times now), but I do still feel just a little naked, exposed, purposeless for at least the first 15 minutes as I wonder out in the world-the world that doesn't know me as, "Mama." Do you ever feel that way?

A few months ago I was doing the Artist's Way (for a third time) and found it hard to engage in my artist's dates the way I had in the past before having children. I love to be alone and to get breaks from my kiddos, but making that time intentional & purposeful & fun for me took at little work, a little remembering. It came only after quite a bit of fidgeting like Magpie does before she finally settles into my lap for a story. An Artist's Way buddy sent me this video. "How to be Alone." It's quite lovely. Take a look.

Shhh! It's a secret!

Don't tell! I've already got Mapie's and Clementine's birthday presents. And, no I did not sew them! My friend Kelly over at Cottage Swing made these apron skirts on commission for me and I am delighted with them. The girls are going to love storing treasures in their little pockets.