Friday, September 24, 2010

Being Alone

I went out tonight alone, without my children. It is still a strange feeling walking out the door without them. I no longer feel like I've left the house without my purse (I've done this enough times now), but I do still feel just a little naked, exposed, purposeless for at least the first 15 minutes as I wonder out in the world-the world that doesn't know me as, "Mama." Do you ever feel that way?

A few months ago I was doing the Artist's Way (for a third time) and found it hard to engage in my artist's dates the way I had in the past before having children. I love to be alone and to get breaks from my kiddos, but making that time intentional & purposeful & fun for me took at little work, a little remembering. It came only after quite a bit of fidgeting like Magpie does before she finally settles into my lap for a story. An Artist's Way buddy sent me this video. "How to be Alone." It's quite lovely. Take a look.

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