Sunday, October 3, 2010

Flea Market

One of my favorite places to stroll around for inspiration is the flea market. There's huge one the first weekend of every month in nearby Kane County.  I brought my children along for the first time. My 5 year old kept asking what it was like so I told her it was biggest, coolest garage sale ever. She got very excited about all the toys she would find. The girls loved it and we had lots of fun imagining things we could make and remake. They also loved seeing the antique toys, suitcases and glass bottles. We did not buy the $150 disco ball that my daughters fell in love with but...

they scored a couple of dollar bin Barbies 

and I picked up these little vintage beauties:

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  1. Oh how I miss that flea market - it's the best one I've ever found. So fun that the girls could come with!