Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wish Jar Tutorial

These sweet jars make wonderful gifts for little girls & boys who have little sparkley doo-dads that get scattered all over their dresser or floor. 
1) Find a glass jar you like. Any shape is fine.

2) Cover your glass jar with Modge Podge

3) Cover with tissue paper of various colors.

3) Add a little glitter glue.

Or lots of glitter glue!

5) Decorate with stickers and let dry!

FYI, I used an inkjet printer to print out the word "Wishes" and then did an image transfer technique with clear caulk. You can also just write the word 'wishes' on your jar or use alphabet stickers.

6) Your wish jars are ready for you to whisper your wishes into or to collect your sparkly shiny things.


  1. Very sweet. I saw a similar craft recently where you use tissue paper on a more open jar and then put a votive candle inside. We may try this! :)

  2. Farrah, yes, you can use any shape jar. We did some open ones and some of the little vases. They all look really cute.